I Need You | PC

At the back of the vehicle, the female officer handed the bloody card over to her partner. In a hushed voice she said, “Think we might have a kidnapping situation, Rolls.”

Officer Lawrence Perolli, known affectionately as “Rolls” by his fellow officers, was a six-year veteran on the job. After failing the detective’s exam four times, he resigned to the idea of being a police officer.

His new partner, Officer Isabelle Parker, was two years out of the academy and was something of a whiz. If street smarts make the cop, Parker was a borderline genius. Standing on a street corner a year earlier, she noticed a group of six joggers on the sidewalk across from her favorite coffee spot. Thirteen minutes later, the men were arrested for attempting to rob the jewelry exchange they were standing outside of. When the investigating detective asked Parker how she knew, she said, “It was 97 degrees outside, those guys were wearing hoodies. So I asked one of them if they were running in the Beltway 5K this weekend and he said he was. The Beltway 5K was three weeks ago.”

A whiz.

Rolls looked up at Parker with stone cold eyes. He put the bloody ID in his pocket and unsnapped his gun holster.

Parker heard the shot at the same time she felt the blood spray her face. Rolls’ body slumped to the ground.

Parker’s instinct kicked in. She let her knees buckle as the bullet whizzed past her ear.


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