The Writers

Tom Keegan

An all over the map foodie and fiction lover, Tom discovered creative writing in college.  He wrote many a bad story and loved every single one of them.  Tom is always looking for new creative outlets in his life which has led to graphic design, web development, painting, cooking and of course fiction writing.  His favorite book is Dune, written by Frank Herbert which he reads about once a year because he’s that kind of nerd.

Philip Clark

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Philip avoided any kind of non-technical writing for all of his childhood. It wasn’t until college that he found a voice in creative writing, eventually paving the way for various nonfiction writing in the personal and professional development genre. He loves the freedom and creative license afforded to fiction writing and this blog allows him to flex and grow that muscle. His favorite book is Frankenstein, by the one and only Mary Shelley.